The best way to open champagne

Opening a bottle of champagne can be frustrating and time consuming. That’s why we’ve provided this handy DIY guide to getting your bottle open FAST.

Of course you need to remove the decorative foil and cork wire.

Then procure a large blade–the heavier the better (ideally you should use a French Army saber, but a big chef’s knife will suffice).

Now the fun part. You hold the bottle facing away from you (and anyone else you consider a friend), tilted up slightly. Bear in mind that this is going to make a mess, so positioning yourself over shag carpet or a bearskin rug is not recommended.

Next you simply slide the sharp edge of the blade quickly, and with force, up the neck of the bottle.

Once you hit the little glass rim, the pressurization of the bottle effectively blows the entire top off–cork, glass and all.

What you are left with is a cleanly decapitated bottle that is virulently spouting bubbly in a festive and efficient manner.

Fill your awestruck onlookers’ glasses with gusto . . .

. . . and forever be known as the guy who can cut the top off a bottle with a big knife. Oh yeah.