Strip club luncheon

Every Enthusiast should go to a strip club at least once in their life. I recommend you avoid the no-booze-having clubs that you find in some states, as there is something inherently creepy about a room full of clothed people sitting there for the sole purpose of staring at (and otherwise interacting with) naked chicks. That said, bar-having strip clubs can be an extremely fun atmosphere to imbibe in.

They can also be a great place to eat. A long standing co-worker of mine recently decided to try out funemployment for a while and see some of the world. Of course we needed to send her off in a big way. After all, as our general manager pointed out, she had spent nearly a quarter of her life with the company. Someone came up with the idea of going to the Gold Club here in San Francisco for their famous $5 cover-charge, free lunch buffet and we set off.

As an Enthusiast, having 2-3 beers at lunch on a Friday is nothing that out of the ordinary. But this time it was made so much better by the cloying smell of vanilla body spray and anticipation. The food was great, although I’ve had better. What’s really great, though, is the bonding that such an experience provides. We all know that eating (and drinking) together is a fine way to get to know your coworkers, but as seven or eight of us stood watching our soon-to-be-departed get groped and ground against while we sipped drinks and threw dollars during the lap dance yours-truly arranged, it was hard to believe it was only 2:00pm and we were heading back to work shortly after. The ensuing water-cooler tales and Facebook posts were further testament to how compelling the experience had been for everyone involved.

Naturally, this wasn’t the first time I had gone to lunch at a strip club during the work day. Years earlier, while working for my alma mater, my boss at the time took me out to the Acropolis in Portland. This is the place I mention above that has the best damn stripper-enhanced dining I’ve ever experienced, and that lunch so long ago was no exception. To this day, when I return to my old stomping grounds and see that boss, we still great each other heartily—in no small part, I’d like to think, because of that meal we shared in a hazy room watching the stage show.

So, fellow Enthusiasts, I can’t recommend enough that the next time you’re going to lunch with your coworkers, try and find a place you can knock back a few while chowing on steak and observing a purveyor of the seductive arts work her magic. And remember, if you ain’t tippin’ they ain’t strippin’.


Photo courtesy of Moe.