drinkwel field testing: Jason


Housewarmings. Birthdays. Gay Pride. The World Cup. Tuesdays.

June was downright slutty in her offering up of reasons to imbibe to excess.

July gave it up quite a bit, too.

Being the Fernet fan that I am, I am often accosted by ridiculous hangovers. If hangovers were people, then I would be the guy that ran over their dog. wife. infant son. Because my hangovers are clearly angry at me. Tony Montana angry.

Don’t get this reference? You may have reached this page by mistake. You can find the Eclipse fanpage here.

So you can imagine my excitement when Christian wrote to me to tell me about this drinkwel stuff. I took a look at the ingredients and the FAQ and figured this was something I’d need to try. It had the usual suspects—lots of B vitamins (which are always good for you, post-enthusiasm). But B vitamins don’t cure or relieve hangovers. There’s some evidence that they shorten the duration of your hangover, which is good,  but in my experience, they’ve done nothing for the headaches, nausea, black eyes and concussions which are frequently the results of my overindulgence.

It also had tons of minerals and antioxidant superfoods, which I had seen in other hangover remedies, but never all combined in one supplement. But what really sold me on trying it out was the tons of research these guys did in putting together a supplement that was good for you, did what it claimed to do, and was relatively free of ingredients that induce allergic reactions. Note: it does contain soy, so too bad for you if you are allergic to soy. However, if that is indeed the case, we’re just gonna go ahead and assume that you prefer hangovers to anaphylactic shock. Also you should maybe look into getting a different allergy, like hats or blue.

I too was present at the previously mentioned housewarming shindig which was to act as our control for field testing.

Like that?

I said control and field testing, like a scientagician.

I do not know any science. I went to school for like a week back in 1988. I stopped because it was totally bogus. Just like brushing my teeth. Which I stopped around the same time.

You won’t remember that little fact about me when we actually meet.

And then you will.

But I digress. The housewarming party was killer, as was my subsequent hangover. Probably the first party I’ve been to while consciously thinking, “I’d better drink more; I don’t want to not get a hangover tomorrow.” As far as control for field testing is concerned, in keeping with the scientific method I kept a meticulous journal of notes, observations, hypotheses, and experiment variations in order to ensure the validity of our study.

Scientific Method

Pictured: The Scientific Method. Not pictured: A nation of scientists weeping.

So, armed with my drinkwel and my newfound knowledge that hangovers feel bad, I dove into our little experiment. Recommended use is three every day and three before bed when you’ve tied one on. The daily three can be taken over the course of the day, with meals or all at once (again, with food). Over the next few weeks, I put the little capsules to work, and boy did they ever. I’ve got to say that my biggest hangover complaint is post-enthusiasm nausea that tends to last for the whole day after, and I have never been able to find a truly effective remedy for that. I know—greasy food, right? While somewhat helpful, the greasy food remedy is in fact a myth. (But fatty food before and during drinking may help prevent the hangover) Up until now, I’ve been drinking pints of bacon grease that come from my daily breakfasts of woven bacon. Those come with a different set of side effects…

Although subtle, people do tend to notice my obesity around the fourth or fifth time we meet in person.

But those little capsules wiped that nausea right out. To be more specific, I never experienced nausea at all the morning after when I took the three before bed. Headaches, no. Bodyaches, also no. The only thing not eliminated from the morning afters completely was fatigue. Even then, it did help a little—but that may have been more from not having my body work so hard to process the toxins, thereby giving me a better quality of sleep as opposed to any specific ingredient in the capsules. Either way, I wasn’t complaining.

For scientific rigor, I went a week and a half taking all three at once in the morning, and a week and a half taking three throughout the day. I felt that three throughout the day had me feeling slightly better than the three all at once in the morning, and that may have been because I wasn’t peeing a bunch of the supplement out with my coffee, or it could have been psychological. I don’t know. What I do know is the effects of all that B2 gave me the idea for some general hilarity if I happened to have some empty Gatorade bottles around. By hilarity I mean for me, not for you.

You would most likely be quite angry, possibly violent.

Anyway, back to Sients…

Did they eliminate hangovers altogether? Not entirely, but then they didn’t claim to do that, just to “provide short-term relief and long-term support against the negative effects of alcohol.” So far as I am concerned, the product delivers everything it promises to. I’m pretty sure Greg and Mike (the founders of drinkwel) are aware of that, because they guarantee it (something I’ve never seen before with any remedy of this nature).

In my mind the only drawback is that a 90 day supply is supposed to last you a month. Mine didn’t. The one month supply assumes that you’re not getting enthusiastic enough to have to take the recommended three when you go to bed, so mine lasted about three weeks. That being said, I don’t have a problem with that—it’s minor issue when you consider how effectively it alleviates hangover symptoms and duration. I’m definitely sold, and while we’re all hinting here that we’d *love* a lifetime supply from Greg and Mike, I’ll be the first to say that 40 bucks a month is no problem for me to swing considering the amount of crap that I buy (sports drinks, ibuprofen, fizzy vitamins, detox teas, hair of the dog, greasy breakfasts, etc. etc. etc.) that only barely work to relieve my hangovers. Add to that the fact that some of them (namely the sports drinks, hair of the dog, and greasy breakfasts) aren’t good for me at all, and I’d say they’ve got themselves a customer for life.

My rating: Four thumbs up.

Rock on, drinkwel!


Bacon weave photo courtesy of joeszilvagy, flickr.
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