Enthusiastic collections: Beer


There is some innate drive in people that motivates them to amass wide arrays of a particular items. A quick pass at will reveal that if something exists, there are people who collect it. And alcohol ephemera is no exception.

We’ve already highlighted the temple of Spain’s most ardent Jack Daniel’s enthusiast. That is a perfect example of someone who’s love of a particular brand of booze goes beyond mere happy hour hobby and crosses over into fanaticism. Because it’s one thing to simply enjoy the gods’ nectar, and it’s entirely another to devote a fair amount of one’s time, resources and living space to the accumulation of product, containers, accouterment, apparatus, etc.

Beer-related collection should come as no surprise, and Australian Keith Toombs has been rightfully dubbed “beer collector extraordinaire.” He didn’t stop with his roughly 1,000 different cans: Mr. Toombs also went on to collect more than 4,000 glasses and steins of different brands, shapes and sizes. He is a perfect example of someone who has let his hobby take over his life, what with nearly every wall in his house coated in beer containers.

Keith Toombs, loves beer.

But Toombs doesn’t even hold a candle to Heinrich Cut. This Danish farmer (who oddly doesn’t drink) has amassed over 20,000 beer mugs in his lifetime.

Heinrich Cut, revolutionized the beer mug as home insulation.

And then there is the guy simply know as Bruz, who has the unofficial world’s largest collection of 40s. Starting in college, this dude now has over 800 40s stored at his mom’s house. Impressive though it may be, those wouldn’t have lasted more than, like, four hours back in the day.

Bruz’s mom’s house. See photos of the full collection here.

But by far the oddest beer collector we found was this kid, Randy Langenbach. With a relatively meager collection of 200 cans, ten year old Randy is probably the youngest beer collector in the world. While he doesn’t drink beer yet (according to his dad), I dare say that his future enthusiasm is a foregone conclusion. Cheers, little buddy.

Randy Langenbach, world’s youngest beer can collector.

And that’s just a tiny representation of beer collectors and possible collections. Again, if they make it, you can collect it. Fortunately, just to get you started, this guy has put together a how-to guide for collecting coasters. Take a look, if you dare—and happy collecting, friends.

Bernard Levine, beer coaster collector guru.