The Alcohol Enthusiast goes to Vegas

—Josey and Christian

As every alcohol enthusiast should at some point, we recently made our first pilgrimage to Las Vegas, one of the drunkenness capitals of the globe. The occasion was a special one: Our friends, soon-to-be-world-famous glitter dance band Easystreet, were playing their Sin City debut at the Beauty Bar as part of the Neon Reverb music festival. As loud people (good for cheering) with an SLR, we felt our presence was necessary. That, and the fact that even the word “Vegas” muttered quietly and in passing under-breath was enough to send trembles down our arms and set our parched mouths watering in anticipation.

The whole trip was kind of a blur. No surprise there considering: the Bloody Marys on the flight over, the red wine we enjoyed at our first-night late dinner, the bourbon and sodas we walked the Venetian casino floor with (we lost $10 at Wizard of Oz slots), the indulgent White Russians at the Cosmopolitan, the champagne and Cognac cocktails at drunch the next day, the vodka and colas in Easystreet’s motel room, and whatever the fuck we drank all night at the Beauty Bar. And the … drinks (I guess?) that we presumably downed in excess at the Hustler Club. And of course, the bottle-swigged 8 am Jameson (much obliged, bunny). Thank Jeebus for that SLR, otherwise we might not even know about all the awesome shit we did (and, uh, also remembered to photograph).

Robot and bunny had a few too many

Beauty Bar, Las Vegas

Easystreet robot dancing on stage at the Beauty Bar

Preach on

Michael Blitzen


5 am post-show limo to Hustler Club

There’s pretty much nothing we’ll do differently on our next Vegas trip. Except Josey promised to be a bit better prepared in the fashion department—apparently wearing bare feet or over-sized, soiled men’s tube socks while carrying a pair of sparkly 6-inch heels in one’s hand is the season’s hot look for ladies stumbling down the strip.