Hottie of the Week: Jessie

There’s only one thing we like almost as much as drinking here at The Alcohol Enthusiast—hotties. So we decided to combine the two. Attention all smokin’ hot ladies, gents, and everyone in between, on top, or hitting it from behind: Send us your sexiest, booziest photos ( and you could appear here as our next Enthusiast Hottie of the Week.

This week meet our inaugural hottie, Jessie. This LA-born blond bombshell likes tequila and beer pong. A can of Bud has never looked so good.


Hometown: Los Angeles
Enthusiastic since: 2004
Recently tried for the first time: Buttery nipple
Drink of choice: Whatever you’re buying
Shot: Tequila with lime and salt
Favorite drinking game: Beer pong
Instrument: Drunken pool cue air guitar
What goes best with my drunchies: Ketchup
When I’m feeling especially enthusiastic: Long Island Ice Tea
Bitch drink I won’t apologize for ordering: Mike’s HardER (“at 8% I like to think of this as a bitch drink with ball”)

Cheers, Jessie!