Hottie of the Week: Alessandro

There’s only one thing we like almost as much as drinking here at The Alcohol Enthusiast—hotties. So we decided to combine the two. Alessandro has been an Enthusiast since the tender age of 7 and his favorite cocktail is a Maker’s Manhattan.

And he sure looks sexy in a Speedo.

Enthusiastic since: Around 7 years old ( I’m told)
First drink: Scotch on the rocks, thanks father!
Drink you recently tried for the first time: ’82 Chateau LaTour
Drink of choice: Maker’s Manhattan up (old style)
Shot of choice: Don’t really shoot drinks, if I had to choose something … Chamucos Tequila Reposado, shaken, no training wheels
Favorite drinking game: The one where you keep drinking. Or Apples to Apples ADULT rules
Favorite drunchies: Usually whatever is within reach, or vegans
Hangover remedy: It is green, comes in a variety of flavors, and always does the trick
Bitch drink I won’t apologize for ordering: I’d say any French Rosé, but for the sake of mixology, let’s say … Surfer on Acid.
Drinks on the plane: Two beers, tequila, a glass of wine, and port if they have it
Favorite writer who was drunk when he wrote: Hunter S. Thompson
Favorite drunk sexual position: Anything that works without too much physical labor or injury

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