How to make the Summer Tremble

Our first happy hour event was a great success. After setting up at HANGR 16, I mixed drinks like crazy for almost three hours.

The drink of the night was our inaugural signature cocktail:

Summer Tremble
2 pts bourbon (Maker’s Mark)
.5 pt lemon juice
.5 pt honey syrup*
1 dash peach bitters
Splash of soda
Mint garnish

*I made our syrup at a ratio of 3:2, honey:water. A little sweeter than your standard simple syrup and that warm honey flavor definitely shines through.

Our friends at drinkwel sent up a bunch of packets to hand out, effectively ensuring that hangovers would not be a problem.

All in all we had a blast and the drink tasted great. Can’t wait for the next event. Hope to see you there!

Special thanks to Liddy and Chris at HANGR 16 for graciously sponsoring.