Holiday Cocktails: Bourbon milk punch


We’re heading over to a friend’s holiday house warming party tonight. Our contribution is going to be an old holiday favorite, bourbon milk punch. Lighter than eggnog, but still well-spiced and comforting on a cold night, bourbon milk is easy to prepare and makes a nice additional to any holiday spread.

You can mix to order, but more than likely you’re not looking to shake drinks all night. Which is where this great large-batch recipe from the New York Times comes in handy.

The ingredients

The Times recipe calls for the following to make eight servings:

12pts confectioner’s sugar (dissolves easier)
64pts whole milk (half gallon)
12pts bourbon
.5pt vanilla extract
Fresh grated nutmeg

You want to stir the milk and sugar until it’s fully disolved. Then mix in the bourbon and vanilla. I used Wild Turkey 101 because I wanted a little extra kick. I also upped the bourbon to 16oz per batch (it was tasting like sweet, seasoned milk with only 12oz). You then pop everything in the freezer. The Times suggests leaving it overnight and defrosting in time for consumption the next day, but if you’re doing same-day delivery, 5-6 hours ought to get it down to a good, half-frozen temp.

Bourbon milk punch

Let it thaw slightly and then serve with a a health dose of fresh nutmeg shavings. The freezing pulls the water out of the dairy leaving sweet creamy goodness. The nutmeg helps the vanilla and caramel flavor of the bourbon shine through. What you get is chilly but somehow warm drink that you’ll feel down to your toes.

Happy holidays!