Hotties of the Week: Zada and Matt

There’s only one thing we like almost as much as drinking here at The Alcohol Enthusiast—hotties. So we decided to combine the two.

To kick 2012 off right we’re giving you twice the sexiness: Our first ever Hottie Couple of the Week. With Zada “The Zadinator” and Matt “Harpstar” (life)guarding the pool hall, you’ll never again fear drowning after you finally sink that 8. And because they’re true Enthusiasts, you’ll never have to worry about sobering up mid-game again, either—if you can convince them to share.

Enthusiastic since: BIRTH
First drink: Him: Long Island Her: Pink Wine
Drink you recently tried for the first time: Him: Apple infused brandy Her: Portlandia (rye whiskey and fruit liqueur )
Drink of choice: Him: Vodka Soda Her: Rye & Ginger
Shot of choice: We both love Tequila! with wheels!
Favorite drinking game: Beirut
Favorite drunchies: Him: at least $50 worth of frozen food from Safeway (mostly pizza) Her: whatever he gets
Hangover remedy: BEER and Mac & cheese
Bitch drink I won’t apologize for ordering: Him: Cosmotini Her: Appletini
Drinks on the plane: Him: rum & Coke Her: Bloody Mary
Favorite writer who was drunk when he wrote: Him: Shakespeare Her: William S. Burroughs
Favorite drunk sexual position: any and all until the moisture’s gone!

Do you have what it takes to be our next Enthusiast Hottie of the Week? Send your sexiest, booziest photos to submit@thealcoholenthusiast.com and you could be the next half-naked drunk to appear on this blog.