Hottie of the Week: Sam

There’s only one thing we like almost as much as drinking here at The Alcohol Enthusiast—hotties. So we decided to combine the two.

Happy Valentine’s Day, fellow Enthusiasts. We wanted to show how much we love you, so we got you the greatest gift of all: A red-hot pictorial with Sam. What says “love” better than a sexy chick in a corset—with a bottle of bourbon?

Hometown: Close enough to San Francisco to be better than your hometown…
Enthusiastic since: 2004
First drink: Four shots of a peach-flavored mystery elixir, courtesy of a bartender in Salamanca
Drinks of choice: Maker’s Manhattan and tequila, straight
Shot of choice: Whatever you’re buying
Drinks recently tried for the first time: The good? La Louisiane with Rye and Sweet Vermouth, Absinthe and Benedictine. The bad? Ouzo from the bottle in an Athenian grocery store
Hangover remedy: A spicy Bloody Mary and bacon, bacon, bacon
Bitch drink I won’t apologize for ordering: Chupacabra (Curious? Come to Tahoe and find out)
What you can’t see in the photos: That it was February in the Sierras…And I was freezing my ass off. Now that’s enthusiasm! 

Do you have what it takes to be our next Enthusiast Hottie of the Week? Send your sexiest, booziest photos to submit@thealcoholenthusiast.com and you could be the next half-naked drunk to appear on this blog.