Happy Hour at Swig


A couple weeks ago our friends at MetroWize offered your humble enthusiasts a hosted happy hour from Absolut. The brand has moved away from the iconic print ads we used to paper all our walls with in high school and is now pushing “Cocktails Perfected.” And who better to enjoy some cocktails than us!

Graciously sponsored by Absolut

We invited a few friends sure to happily partake. The big day arrived and we made our way up to Swig. Of course, this was literally the rainiest day we’ve had all year in San Francisco, so by the time we arrived everyone had soaked pant legs and soggy shoes. Nothing a martini couldn’t fix.

Swig’s wall o’ booze

Our bartender mixed 4oz of vodka with a dash of vermouth like a pro and we were off. Absolut treated us right, from Lemon Drops, to Greyhounds to Vodka Tonics. And a too-short hour and a half later, our bartab was expended.

A drink by any other name would be as intoxicating. Except when you name it a free drink—then you can have way fucking more of them and they’re way more intoxicating.

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