East coast trip day 2: About town


Disclaimer: I did not do as a good of a job documenting our beverages this time around. For various reasons.

After our run we met with my cousin and her husband at Momofuku Noodle Bar for lunch. Needless to say, it was amazing. And they had a local, hop-heavy brew on tap that was delectable.

Later on we met with some of Josey’s coworkers at the NYC office and they took us to The Flatiron Lounge. This place is legit. You walk in through an arched hallway into an impossibly dim room decked out in ’20s decor. We were led to a couple tables along the wall with a great view of the bar. The menu is organized by liquor and covers three full pages. Between the four of us we made out way through eight of the cocktails, all amazing in their own right.

Unfortunately, it was far too dark to take photos, but we tried the following: Simple Dickel Sailor, a tiki-inspired whiskey drink that included a little tawny port; Cameron’s Kick, a delicious combination of Scotch and Irish whiskey with Orgeat and lemon; Melville, one of my orders, which contained rum, cognac and a lavender honey syrup that really brought it all together; Afterglow, with gin, absinthe and a strong ginger undertone; Made In the Shade, my other order, which was the only drink that had ingredients I’d never heard of. This delightful concoction contained Old Tom Gin, Slivovitz, Averell and amaro. A little googling revealed that those two in the middle are Czechoslovakian plum brandy and a gin-plum liqueur, respectively. Tiny Dancer, tequila with St. Germaine, citrus and Gran Classico bitters; Velvet Breeze, a light affair with vodka, Velvet Falernum and citrus; Beijing Peach, with jasmine-infused vodka, peach puree and lime; and I ended happy hour with a martini made with a local gin, the name of which escapes me. It was an epic journey. Big ups to Candy and Mindy for picking a great spot.

From there we were a half-hour late to our dinner reservation with Ariana and Stephano at Epistrohe, a great place in Little Italy. We share a bottle of white wine and ended with glasses of Mirto.

After dinner we took a remarkable cheap cab ride to Williamsburg and the Wythe Hotel roof bar. The view of Manhattan at this place is stunning, to say the least. Our friend Jason ordered us something tasty that included green Chartreuse which we followed with a lot of Bulleit.

From the Wythe we walked to The Woods where another old friend, Lucas, was DJing. Drinks included more Bulleit and there were tequila shots in there. I met some great people at the bar, one of whom was also visiting from SF. At this point we were fully in the bag and things got a little out of control, but that’s the point, right?

After The Woods we walked to down to a hipster “dive” and I think drank more Bulleit. There may have been Fernet involved. By this time I was so drunk I’m almost surprised the bartender served me. But I guess I kept my shit together enough to place orders.

After that I guess we caught a cab back to the East Village to finish the pizza from the night before. I would definitely call the night a success. And there’s no way we’re running today.