East coast trip days 6 & 7 & 8: Drinking at the in-laws’ in rural Vermont


This is Vermont, near where Christian’s folks live. Yep, that bitchin’ car there is a lifted station wagon. Note also the fall colors. Did you know looking at orangish leaves in New England is in itself a pastime? I know, weird, right? (I know my fellow Californians feel me on that.) Well it gets better, cause this pastime is known as LEAF PEEPING. I seriously don’t even know where to begin with that and no it is NOT just me, that shit sounds perverted as all hell.

So we drive up from Boston and the first thing that happens is Christian has to sit for like four hours to get his portrait painted by an art class of nice older ladies. His dad was all, “hope you’re not too hungover!” But obvs, we were hella hungover.


The two above capture best Christian’s hangover.

While I don’t think the poor dude enjoyed sitting there in his state of exhaustion and dehydration, it’s pretty fitting for The Alcohol Enthusiast to be immortalized in paint mid-bender, don’t you think?

After that was all over we headed to his folks’ place in central Vermont, which is (for real) five miles from paved roads with nary a neighbor in sight. I’m a thin-skinned Bay Area girl and had only previously visited during the winter, which kind of made me want to cry and caused his family, I’m pretty sure, to lose all respect for me because I seriously cannot walk on frozen dirt without slipping immediately on my ass. Like, how? But in late September the weather was perfect and I was like, I’m gonna peep the shit out of some leaves and I totally did.

Christian’s parents met working in a bar so you best believe they’ve got cocktail supplies and faster than you can say, “why don’t they just call it ‘leaf leering?’ That’s just as pervy-sounding and like, alliteration,” he’d made us some Secret Weapons (bourbon, amaretto, egg whites, lemon juice, simple syrup). And it was suuuuuuper good and I love bourbon and amaretto and then I drank some Bulleit rye and Christian and his brother set off some terrifying fireworks, which is apparently normal in the country, and then I passed out for 13 hours.


I didn’t realize they had restaurants in Vermont, let alone fancy ones, until the next night when we dined at Hen of the Wood, which was super delicious and featured local, seasonal ingredients in their food and cocktails. We also had a couple bottles of red wine, the names of which I can’t recall. And then went home and slept for another 13 hours.


Our cocktails at Hen, two of which involve apples (autumn being apple season, after all).

Of note in the alcohol department our final night at the in-laws’ was a tasty lemon drop-esque concoction Christian whipped up for me during cocktail hour and something his dad called ice cider, cause everything in Vermont has fucking apples and/or maple syrup in it. I guess ice cider’s similar to ice wine, but like with apples? My brain is breaking under the stress of trying to understand so I’m just going to give up now. Oh and then they made a campfire and I sat next to it wearing like, every item of clothing I brought with me cause it was cold all of a sudden and drank a glass of Lillet Blanc cause I am classy like that.

The next day we drove south to Saxon’s River for Christian’s ten-year high school reunion.

To be continued….