East coast trip final leg: Alumni Weekend


Our trip culminated in a return to my alum mater, Vermont Academy, located in the small village of Saxton’s River. VA is a great little school at which I spent three of my formative years and met some really wonderful people. That was ten years ago.


Second story corner room of Jones Hall, where it all went down.

Being that it’s a fancy private school, we have “Alumni Weekends” rather than reunions, so classes as far back as ’42 were in attendance. Upon arrival at cocktail hour the first night, I was sadly informed that I was the only person from class of ’02 who registered. Bummer, bro. I guess that makes me the participatory dork. Fortunately the whiskey was free and the bartender had a heavy hand, so by the time we got to dinner I was totally excited to be sitting with a favorite English teacher sophomore year and a couple trustees.


Fancy logoed napkins.

It was great catching up on the past ten years—big ups to the Hodgsons for hanging with us! And from there we headed down to the Inn where I had secured the room an old dormy’s mom had always rented during parent’s weekend and let us smoke cigarettes on the porch of. Ahhh, memories… In the quaint old Inn bar (the only one that serves liquor in town) we bumped into some of the class of ’92 and forcibly made friends. After some afterparty drinking on our porch, I guess we all parted ways amicably.

[photo not found]

The next day dawned and we arose to a room strewn with half-full glasses and a strange iPhone charging on the windowsill. So it goes. We’d missed breakfast and the campus tour at 9:00 and our new ’92 friend’s alumni panel at 10:00 that we’d totally dromised to attend (he, for the record, did somehow make it). I was able to rummage some coffee and pastries from the kitchen and after pulling ourselves together we headed back up to campus for the luncheon. On the way out we were heartened to see this sign on the front door of the Inn.


Good to know!

After the luncheon it was time for class photos. And it was really apparent that my class was sorely underrepresented (the only other class with one person in the photo was ’42, and I think we all know why that poor dude was alone).


Our school mascot was the Wildcat, although this is clearly a tiger…

After a pretty poor showing by our football team, I took Josey to the Vermont Country Store, a semi-famous landmark in the area that serves more samples than Costco. Bellies full of crackers, cheese, jellies, spreads, fudge and candy we returned to the Inn for a brief moment of downtime before hitting the bar.


Whiskies, as we like them.

One whiskey turned into beers which turned into “one more whiskey” before we were going to head up to the school for cocktail hour on the lawn. But then, FINALLY, four girls from my class showed up and invited us to dine with them.

I apologize because no further photos were take that night. Long story short; dinner involved some tasty Spanish wine, which led to more whiskey, which gave courage for dancing, which resulted in making new friends with the two representatives of the class of ’07, which prompted porch drinking and a blurry Sunday morning with more coffee and pastries before we had to hit the road for JFK.

Four and a half hours later we’d returned the rental car and, haggard, found our way into a delightful little Mexican restaurant near our gate at which we waited out the flight delay the best way we know how.


With margaritas!

The plane was delayed another hour and a half after we got on (of course), but we passed the time with JetBlue’s merciful selection of DirectTV channels and movies. Finally back in the Bay, our friendly town car guy, Terry (who you should totally hit up if you ever want to get to the airport), cruised into the city with us comfortably in the back. And, at last, with warm Kennedy’s samosas in our bellies, we blissfully laid our heads down to rest.

All in all it was an amazing trip. We laughed, we cried, we ran, we walked, we stumbled, we put 1,000 miles on a rental car, we saw old friends, we made new ones, we embraced family, ate incredible food, drank countless and mostly delicious drinks, we did not stop. For. One. Minute. But that’s how we do. And that’s definitely how we’ll do again. I hope to see you there.

Cheers, Enthusiasts!

Class photo courtesy of Vermont Academy, flickr.