The Enthusiast goes to Santarchy 2012!

Christmas time in San Francisco brought with it the epic pub crawl known as Santarchy. People from all around flocked to the city dressed in seasonal attire and got their drink seriously on. Here are but a few of the moments we captured. See even more on our Facebook page.

Alcohol-Enthusiast-SantaCon-2012-1 The girls warming up at The Boardroom.

Alcohol-Enthusiast-SantaCon-2012-2 Making our way in the rain, surrounded by Santas.

Alcohol-Enthusiast-SantaCon-2012-5 Mingling at Gino & Carlo.

Alcohol-Enthusiast-SantaCon-2012-3 Przem drinking “on the sly.”

Alcohol-Enthusiast-SantaCon-2012-4Josey poses for me on the pool table at Gino & Carlo.

Alcohol-Enthusiast-SantaCon-2012-6 Just a few of the Ladies of Santarchy (note the mustachioed photobomber).

Alcohol-Enthusiast-SantaCon-2012-7 Josey and another Lady get photobombed by this awesome dude (bonus photobomb: mustache man redux!)

Alcohol-Enthusiast-SantaCon-2012-10 Fellow Enthusiast, Josh, busted in on our photo booth session.

Alcohol-Enthusiast-SantaCon-2012-8 And the night ended with a bang in Chinatown!

You can find our full album of photos on the Facebook page here. Hope to see you there next year!