An Enthusiasts guide to DIY bitters: vol. 1, part 2


Three weeks passed and it’s time for step three! First I strained the liquid out through cheesecloth. This initial infusion is very strong on the tongue. There are strong overtones of cardamom with definite notes of clove and citrus (ed. note: the Imbibe recipe calls for coriander, but the author was not 100% sober when he put everything together. Some mistakes may have been made). There is also a big punch of bitter: sour/tart from the dandelion root and deep from the gentian. The wormwood appears to provide a smoothness, like tea. The mint is subtle, at best, although there is a slight menthol effect present. Ginger appears to have been omitted (see note above).


Next I placed the bundle of solids into about 4oz of hot water.


After cooling to room temperature, I combined the infused alcohol with the steeped liquid. And here is the final result, stored in a cool, dark place.


And that’s it for five days. I’m looking forward to trying the finished results!