Cest la vie, Summer


Summer is drawing to a close, so I figured now’d be a good time to share my summer menu at Grand Cafe. I wanted to use familiar flavors for the warmer months, with lots of fresh fruit and house-made syrups and cordials. You can find all of the drinks on our recipe page here, but a few of my favorites are as follows.

Bluegrass Sunshine is a variation on the classic whiskey sour using vanilla syrup and sunshine bitters to spice things up a bit. I love how these flavors play together.

Island Dixie uses a gastrique to provide a huge punch of watermelon balanced with Banks 5 Island rum, lime and a little soda. Great for a hot day.

Salinas Smash combines muddled strawberries and basil with a little lemon and vodka. Delightfully fresh and easy to drink, you can’t go wrong.

Ghost of the Lenape is the realization of a pet project of mine; the “white Manhattan.” Silver oat whiskey mixed with Dolin Blanc and Salers Gentaine for a truly unique cocktail that’s delightfully dry and refreshing.

There are a couple more weeks left before October, so come by and try these drinks while they last!