If you like spicy, you’re going to love this shot. Created as a parting gift for an old coworker and friend, IT BURNS is a sweet, fiery play off the Margarita. You will need some prep-time, though, so get started now!

First, infuse a fifth of reposado tequila with thickly sliced (0.5″) fresh jalapeño for 36 hours. Leaving the peppers in for this amount of time imparts great flavor without completely overpowering the tequila.

Next you’ll need to make about 16oz of Enthusiastic agave-lime syrup.

And based on how many shots you’re making, mix the following:

1 pt jalapeño-infused repisado tequila
.5 pt enthusiastic agave lime syrup

Shake briefly and pour into shot glasses with cayenne-salted rims (1pt cayenne to 4pts salt).


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