An Enthusiast’s guide to gifts for drunks


When you’re known for drinking a lot, or when your entire public identity is say, based on the fact that you write an alcohol blog, people tend to be afraid to go on pub crawls with you or come to your house (although in retrospect that second one might have nothing to do with the drinking…).

Anyways, my point is this: You receive almost exclusively as gifts bottles and bottles and bottles of booze. I swear I’m not complaining—pretty please don’t ever stop giving me booze!—but let’s say you want to stand out in the eyes of a special drunken someone, or maybe you want to give your favorite drunk a present that will take them longer than 34 minutes to ingest (huh, that didn’t come out right). In any case, here are some solid gift ideas:

Drinkwel: Since you don’t have magic powers and can’t exactly banish from your favorite drunks’ mornings forever their wretched hangovers, we suggest buying them Drinkwel. We’ve written extensively about our favorite hangover-alleviating vitamin, and if you’ve partied with us, we’ve probably tried to force-feed it to you (those were just vitamins, I swear!)

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Drinking with strabismus

I am bad at almost all drinking games because I don’t have good depth perception. Being bad at drinking games means losing, which means drinking. So really, who’s the loser now, Sober McSoberstein? Read more »


Field-test: BasketPong


Being an avid (and sometimes accomplished) beer pong player, I was delighted when The Alcohol Enthusiast received a BasketPong set to try out. As you can see in the photo above, it’s essentially the love child of basketball and beer pong. To effectively test it out, we obviously needed more than just Josey and I, so we featured it prominently at our recent Camp 77 party. Read more »