East Coast trip day 3: A story in which we eat bagels at the end


It wouldn’t be an Enthusiast morning-after without a raging case of the drunk creepies and at least a couple angry texts about something we straight don’t remember doing. Come on. Y’all know exactly what we’re talking about. ANYWAYS… so we had some albeit-hazy fun last night and we started our day with brunch at Great Jones Cafe, recommended to us by our dear old friends Hatter and Adina as much for the delicious food as for their liquor license. Uncharacteristically early, we enjoyed several hot sauce-doused Bloodies at the bar before our friends arrived and we proceeded to enjoy several more at our table. And also some like, eggs and stuff.

We drank Bloodies while experiencing for the first time what waiting on late(ish) friends is like.

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Unlimited expatriate enthusiasm


Dining room at the Westin Beijing.

I have recently taken up residence in a country where drinking is neither prolific, nor genetically advisable due to the incredibly unfortunate absence of an all-important enzyme. Yes—this British Enthusiast is in China, the land where even a waft of alcohol sends most locals into a flush, rendering true enthusiasm near impossible.

So when an establishment such as the Westin Beijing, with its many stars and respectable patrons, invited an Enthusiast such as myself to get “bubbalicious” on a Sunday, “any time from 11am,” I doubt they understood the chaos that was likely to ensue.
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