100 and counting

—Christian & Josey

It’s been a long, fun, loud, hot, naked, broke, lonely, sexy, tearful, painful, balckkedd out, shameful, warm, fuzzy, nauseous, shaky, tired, wired, naked, sticky, confusing, crazy, trip—but we made it to our 100th post!

Over the past 100 posts, we’ve survived Thanksgiving the only way an Enthusiast can, and learned how to avoid cuts and burns slightly lessen the chances of sustaining life-threatening injuries when cooking while less-than-sober.

We met a hottie in a Budweiser dress, and developed a simple quiz to answer the question that’s plagued humankind since time’s inception: are we drunk? Are we drunk—right now?
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When we drink


I embarked on my first week-long bender because I got dumped. Even when you know it’s coming, when you’re young—or maybe, also, when you’re not—it sucks. Really bad. After pleading and crying and many empty threats, I called some friends, went to the Greyhound station, got hit-on by some dude on his way to a Job Corps forestry program, and tearfully rode the bus to Santa Cruz, where I wallowed in cheap vodka, puked up cheap vodka, and might have eaten a burrito at some point. I stumbled through five misty, hazy days of drunk before catching a ride home. Splitting headache and trembling hands aside, I felt much better than I had before I left. I felt cleansed.
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