Cheap Shots with Dan: SF Trick or Treat

Fellow Enthusiast and real classy, real eloquent motherf***er Dan made our San Francisco Trick or Treat shot on the West coast edition of his hilarious web series, Cheap Shots with Dan. Check him out and see what he thinks of our super freaky Halloween shot.

Cheers Dan!


An Enthusiast’s guide to surviving a hurricane


Having just been paid a visit by my new friend Earl, I thought I’d provide fellow Enthusiasts with some tips on how to best survive a hurricane.

First off, remember that a hurricane can leave you without power, communication, or transportation for days; so proper prior planning is necessary to prevent fear/boredom and keep you and yours safe and sound. These hurricanes, devastating as they can be, don’t often come out of nowhere and usually move plenty slow enough to ensure time to collect supplies and establish a communal location with fellow Enthusiasts to sit out the storm. In my experience, the local A.S.S. (Amagansett Seafood Store) club, hosted by a drunken Irishman, suffices quite adequately. Regardless of your shelter location, remember that you of course need to stock up on necessities: ice, pre-cooked food (jambalaya!), and most importantly, booze—and lots of it. Mixers aren’t a bad idea either, as you may want to keep your options for beverage concoctions open as the storm outside (and within) rages on.
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