An Enthusiast’s guide to bar crawls


Have you ever been in your local pub and seen a group of people walk in, drink, and then leave together, excitedly proclaiming how awesome the previous establishment was and how thrilled they are to soon visit the next one, and wondered to yourself: “How do I get in on that?”

Well today is your lucky day.

In honor of our Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Drunken Monkeyshines (now with 10% more flimflam and claptrap) here’s our guide to throwing a bitchin’ bar crawl. (If you attend the Parade and have a horrible time, you have only this guide to blame for your misery.)

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Super Bowl XLVI drinking game

— Christian & Josey

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and while your humble Enthusiasts are not particularly big football fans, we are huge fans of day drinking. And the Big Game provides a good excuse for the citizens of the United States to knock a few back while the sun is still out (it is here in San Francisco, anyways…) Note: Super Bowl Sunday is also the highest DUI day of the year—so careful out there!

Sadly, our local fair-weather favorite team, the 49ers, didn’t make it all the way. So while our pageantry will be somewhat less fervent, there’s still going to be plenty of boozing. And since Christian heralds originally from Vermont, we have some vested interest in this year’s matchup—at least the decision of who to vote for (that’s the correct term, right?) was easy.

To ensure that we all have to crawl home tonight, we’ve devised a drinking game that will make even those people who only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials pay attention to what’s going down on the gridiron. So plop down on a couch next a cooler full of suds (preferably Anchor Steam), tape a bottle of whiskey to your hand, and get ready to drink.
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