East coast trip day 1: First night out


We determined we would take it easy our first night in town. We are San Francisco health-nuts after all and wanted to run in the morning. So of course we stayed out until 3:00am and got wasted.


Cafe Orlin: Pinto Noir and the Maple Manhattan

Upon arrival in the East Village we had a great dinner at Cafe Orlin, accompanied by a great glass of Oregon Pinot and what they dubbed the “Maple Manhattan,” a very well-balanced combination of bourbon, lemon maple syrup and salt (the “secret ingredient”). Being from Vermont I obviously had to order this. Read more »


The Cocktail Party


With less than a year before the next presidential election, a political organization from down in Atlanta has a revolutionary idea for how to fix our country. Self-described as an “anti-movement,” this group of artists/poets/philosophers/etc. dubs themselves “The Cocktail Party” (cheers!). At their core, the group believes true political discourse has fallen by the wayside with our country suffering as a result. The solution? Cocktails, of course. And they provide some sound reasoning for this recommendation.
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