The Enthusiast goes to Santarchy 2012!

Christmas time in San Francisco brought with it the epic pub crawl known as Santarchy. People from all around flocked to the city dressed in seasonal attire and got their drink seriously on. Here are but a few of the moments we captured. See even more on our Facebook page.

Alcohol-Enthusiast-SantaCon-2012-1 The girls warming up at The Boardroom.

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An Enthusiasts guide to technology: SceneTap


We live in the future. As if there was any doubt before.

SceneTap isn’t new. It’s been around since last year. But it is finally coming west to the great city by the Bay. Launching tomorrow in San Francisco, SceneTap uses facial recognition technology (captured by video cameras) to determine the age and gender of patrons entering bars with the system installed. What this means is that at any time you can use their app (download here) to get a headcount, along with the demographic composition of the crowd at your local watering hole. Which is great if you’re sick of dealing with all the recently graduated coeds in 6″ heels and tight dresses. Or, conversely, you’re seeking out that sort of company.
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Strip club luncheon

Every Enthusiast should go to a strip club at least once in their life. I recommend you avoid the no-booze-having clubs that you find in some states, as there is something inherently creepy about a room full of clothed people sitting there for the sole purpose of staring at (and otherwise interacting with) naked chicks. That said, bar-having strip clubs can be an extremely fun atmosphere to imbibe in.

They can also be a great place to eat. A long standing co-worker of mine recently decided to try out funemployment for a while and see some of the world. Of course we needed to send her off in a big way. After all, as our general manager pointed out, she had spent nearly a quarter of her life with the company. Someone came up with the idea of going to the Gold Club here in San Francisco for their famous $5 cover-charge, free lunch buffet and we set off.
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