“You can’t complain when going to beer festivals is work:” An interview with Mike McAdams of drinkwel

Every Enthusiast has awakened after a particularly fun night in at least one of the following places: the backseat of a moving car that a stranger is driving, an ex-girlfriend’s bed to the sound of her screaming “you gotta get out of here! (s)he’ll be home any second!,” a corn maze. With a mouth as dry as sandpaper, the shakes setting in, and the distinct feeling of being pummeled repeatedly with the dull end of a hatchet ringing though ones’ head, a thought emerges—why hasn’t anyone come up with a cure for this yet?

Mike and Greg, drinkwel co-founders.

Mike McAdams and Greg Huang have attempted to do just that, answering our parched and desperate pleas with drinkwel, a multivitamin made just for us serious alcoholics non-problematic social drinkers. When we heard about drinkwel, we shamelessly begged for free samples and indulged in a couple serious long-weekend benders because we can’t control our compulsion to drink to field-test this supposed hangover cure. Taken as directed (before and after boozing), the little vitamin supplements did wonders for our next-morning condition. Apparently, “healthy drinker” doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. Convinced, we asked Mike to put the bottle of Jack down long enough (kidding! It was a pint glass of beer) to talk with us about inventing a vitamin for drinkers, hangover prevention, and life as an entrepreneur. Here’s what he had to say: Read more »