East Coast trip day 3: A story in which we eat bagels at the end


It wouldn’t be an Enthusiast morning-after without a raging case of the drunk creepies and at least a couple angry texts about something we straight don’t remember doing. Come on. Y’all know exactly what we’re talking about. ANYWAYS… so we had some albeit-hazy fun last night and we started our day with brunch at Great Jones Cafe, recommended to us by our dear old friends Hatter and Adina as much for the delicious food as for their liquor license. Uncharacteristically early, we enjoyed several hot sauce-doused Bloodies at the bar before our friends arrived and we proceeded to enjoy several more at our table. And also some like, eggs and stuff.

We drank Bloodies while experiencing for the first time what waiting on late(ish) friends is like.

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Hungover Personality Types: Part II


Just as everyone who drinks has a drunk personality type, those of us who drink to excess also experience our drunk personality’s bloated and dehydrated evil sister-in-law—the hungover personality type.

In Part I we looked at The Teetotaler, The Hypochondriac, and Misery Loves Company. Here are three more:

The Strategist. Between the cases of coconut water she gets delivered to her apartment, the multiple bottles of liver- and energy-restoring vitamins and ibuprofen perpetually stocked in her medicine cabinet, the extra-large aloe juice in the fridge and the raw apple cider vinegar on the counter—it’s obvious this isn’t her first rodeo. Read more »