Drinking at the office: How I added to our arsenal of imbibing


Zacapa tasting group shot

Cheers to drinking at work!

After a long hard day at work it’s nice to hit the bar for happy hour. But it’s even nicer, and more relaxing, to have the bar come to you!

That is the concept behind a new, 2013 initiative that I launched at my work, the San Francisco office of branding and design firm Landor. I call it Sip ‘n Learn™—and I think the name says it all.

It’s great to drop by the local bar with some co-workers and it’s nice to have occasional internal happy hours, but I wanted to offer a little more: a high-quality cocktail experience presented in a salon format. Read more »


East coast trip day 2: About town


Disclaimer: I did not do as a good of a job documenting our beverages this time around. For various reasons.

After our run we met with my cousin and her husband at Momofuku Noodle Bar for lunch. Needless to say, it was amazing. And they had a local, hop-heavy brew on tap that was delectable.

Later on we met with some of Josey’s coworkers at the NYC office and they took us to The Flatiron Lounge. This place is legit. You walk in through an arched hallway into an impossibly dim room decked out in ’20s decor. We were led to a couple tables along the wall with a great view of the bar. The menu is organized by liquor and covers three full pages. Between the four of us we made out way through eight of the cocktails, all amazing in their own right. Read more »