Quiz: Are you drunk right now?


Are you drunk right now? You might think so, but you might not be. That’s why we’ve created this helpful quiz: Just answer “yes” or “no” to the following questions and put suspicions about your sobriety to bed once and for all.

1. Are you seeing double? Are you seeing double?
….1a) How many fingers am I holding up?

2. Does buying a round of Patrón for the bar sound like a great way to liquidate your checking account?
….2a) Does buying a second round on your Visa sound like a great way to build credit?
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The Alcohol Enthusiast goes to Vegas

—Josey and Christian

As every alcohol enthusiast should at some point, we recently made our first pilgrimage to Las Vegas, one of the drunkenness capitals of the globe. The occasion was a special one: Our friends, soon-to-be-world-famous glitter dance band Easystreet, were playing their Sin City debut at the Beauty Bar as part of the Neon Reverb music festival. As loud people (good for cheering) with an SLR, we felt our presence was necessary. That, and the fact that even the word “Vegas” muttered quietly and in passing under-breath was enough to send trembles down our arms and set our parched mouths watering in anticipation.
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