Strip club luncheon

Every Enthusiast should go to a strip club at least once in their life. I recommend you avoid the no-booze-having clubs that you find in some states, as there is something inherently creepy about a room full of clothed people sitting there for the sole purpose of staring at (and otherwise interacting with) naked chicks. That said, bar-having strip clubs can be an extremely fun atmosphere to imbibe in.

They can also be a great place to eat. A long standing co-worker of mine recently decided to try out funemployment for a while and see some of the world. Of course we needed to send her off in a big way. After all, as our general manager pointed out, she had spent nearly a quarter of her life with the company. Someone came up with the idea of going to the Gold Club here in San Francisco for their famous $5 cover-charge, free lunch buffet and we set off.
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Young love

What was the first bar you ever fell in love with? Every Enthusiast has their first—for me, that place is now-renamed-and-under-new-ownership SE Portland dive bar, Grandma’s.

With walls adorned with Last Supper-esque, moderately religious wood reliefs and elderly woman-style purses, the decoration alone was reason enough to spend hours here every afternoon and evening and night. Add Turkey Hunter, three video poker machines, pool, a working fireplace, cheap-ass drinks and—I’m getting giddy just reminiscing about it—KARAOKE THREE NIGHTS A WEEK! WHERE YOUR PERFORMANCE WAS ACCOMPANIED BY A MAN PLAYING A BLUE BLOW-UP GUITAR! And suddenly we are catapulted into the awesome-dive-bar-stratosphere’s-stratosphere. Times infinity. Infinity times.
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