Robot Sex on the Beach


Laura G. Duncan: Knows a lot about sex robots.

The request: Develop a drink for a happy hour presentation about Teledildonics, “Hey, Where’s My Robot Girlfriend,” at The Tip bar—which is exactly what your filthy, perverted mind imagines. Read more »


Mixology 101


When we saw the name of the class—“Mixology for the Alcohol Enthusiast”—we knew Jeebus herself wanted us to sign up. But admittedly, when we left the unseasonably sunny February afternoon behind and wandered into club Mist, a little worse for wear from Friday happy 12-hours, we were shocked to find other students that were not just us crowded around the bar. Then we realized where we’d mis-assumed—of course!—these drunks had named their blogs the Alcohol Enthusiast, too. Duh. Duh. We’re so dumb.

Once the initial surprise wore off, and we sent enough knowing and not-at-all-creepy winks around the bar at our classmates, it was time to start mixologying, 101-style.

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