East coast trip day 1: First night out


We determined we would take it easy our first night in town. We are San Francisco health-nuts after all and wanted to run in the morning. So of course we stayed out until 3:00am and got wasted.


Cafe Orlin: Pinto Noir and the Maple Manhattan

Upon arrival in the East Village we had a great dinner at Cafe Orlin, accompanied by a great glass of Oregon Pinot and what they dubbed the “Maple Manhattan,” a very well-balanced combination of bourbon, lemon maple syrup and salt (the “secret ingredient”). Being from Vermont I obviously had to order this. Read more »


East coast trip day 1: Arrival


Drinks on a plane!

The Enthusiasts have crossed the country and just arrived in New York City. Our hearts may be in San Francisco, but our livers came along for the ride and are already warmed up from what was left of the 50ml bottles on our flight.

Unfortunately, this trip did conflict with SF Cocktail Week, the annual cross-bay celebration of mixology devised by the guys at the The Barbary Coast Conservancy of the American Cocktail. So while we’re missing out on some epic bar battles and loads of spirit samplings, I’m confident we can make up for it at the various dives, pubs, saloons and “secret” speakeasies this little island has to offer. We may even venture across a bridge or two to see what’s shaken in the boroughs. Read more »


The Alcohol Enthusiast goes to Vegas

—Josey and Christian

As every alcohol enthusiast should at some point, we recently made our first pilgrimage to Las Vegas, one of the drunkenness capitals of the globe. The occasion was a special one: Our friends, soon-to-be-world-famous glitter dance band Easystreet, were playing their Sin City debut at the Beauty Bar as part of the Neon Reverb music festival. As loud people (good for cheering) with an SLR, we felt our presence was necessary. That, and the fact that even the word “Vegas” muttered quietly and in passing under-breath was enough to send trembles down our arms and set our parched mouths watering in anticipation.
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Drinks on the plane

Drinking and airplanes go together like discount gin and regrettable sex partners. But even the seemingly-happiest of marriages ends in divorce sometimes—just as once in a while, those adorable little bottles of booze will turn on you. Not on me, personally—quite the contrary. Airplanes and airports are definitely in my top ten list of favorite places to get wasted. I mean, as someone who’s spent the majority of her post-21/fake ID having years in major metropolitan areas only, the airport is the only location in my life where Chilli’s TOO is considered a totally awesome bar (I cannot vouch for rural/super suburban and/or Midwest living, so if the TOO is your fav local haunt, my bad, man—and no disrespect). By the way: Shout out to the Chilli’s TOOs at OAK and SEA and wherever else you’re plying away pre-plane jitters with your gateside full bar. Your extremely gigantic margaritas really enhance my flying experience.

But even though it’s never happened to me, I have seen the plane drunken-ness rear it’s hideous head.
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The museum of Jack Daniel’s

Have you ever had a good idea, only to find out that not only has someone already done it, they’ve taken it to a level you never even considered? Such was the case on our recent trip to Spain. We were heartily enjoying the varied nightlife of Barcelona and then Cadiz and I noticed that in every bar we went there was a distinct lack of bourbon. Not matter how nice the bar, how many different bottles they had on the wall, they only served Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s (which, as we all know, is actually Tennessee whiskey, not bourbon). Despite this, I began to fall in love with the country and started scheming on moving to Spain.

Now we’ve always dreamed of opening a bar. Naturally, this lack of decent bourbon, rather than indicate to me that there was a lack of demand, strongly indicated that there was a lack of supply. I mean, there must be others like me, or at the very least, potential bourbon lovers who just hadn’t had the opportunity to experience what the beverage could truly achieve. So I got to talking about how we would move to Cadiz and open a bourbon bar to support ourselves. Dream come true.
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