Haiku for Drunks: Lebowski challenge



Vodka, Kahlúa
Half and half or non-dairy
Call it: Caucasian

Abide to The Dude
A White Russian and a joint
Each time he partakes

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Happy holidays

Happy April 20th to all of our blunted brethren.

While we know that some of you, as you sit cross-legged on grassy (hehe….grass) knolls, or piled onto tattered couches in college quads, or passing pieces around in hot-boxed back-seats, or watching OMG cat cannot unsee the horror for the 843,000th time in your darkened apartments, in cities, suburbs, villages, and on super heady hilltops across the universe, are thinking primarily about how much better Family Guy used to be, whether your vegan bros will stop talking to you if you order the Double Down, and … fingers … fingers … ffffffff … Wait, what was I just talking about?

Oh, right. Double agents. While we know that some of you are just mentally planning out how you’re totally going to start researching MFA programs in, like, either Vermont or maybe Oregon tomorrow morning, for real this time—we also know that some you are thinking about drinking.

For all you Weed Worshipers out there who double as Enthusiasts (or anyone interested in converting) we just wanted to remind you that this crazy train doesn’t have to stop when you wake up on your bro’s LoveSac tomorrow, lips stained with the remains of those tasty midnight “nachos,” hour eight of Planet Earth blaring from the TV, and this thing that … well, we’ll never know, will we?

I think my point is that you don’t have to stop this wild ride from boiling just yet, even if you’re watching it. Because although 4/20 comes but once a year, fear not, fellow Enthusiasts—for every day is Booze Day.

And to all, a good night.