Haiku for Drunks: Moonshine

Thanks to all the Enthusiasts who entered our Moonshine haiku competition, and cheers to our winners, Naomi and Christina. Here are their haiku:



Take one deep breath in
hold it and swig that on down
swallow, then exhale

that is how I learned
to drink corn liquor white light
august on my lips

once in a log stump
trip to north carolina
1920 brew

smooth glass in my hands
peaches soaked at the bottom
of your mason jar

thought to pack the car
crate of that fire at my feet
drive west liquor rich

the thought came to me
of the incineration
if we were to crash

a wonderous sight
somewhere on the interstate
flames across the sky



Clear, pure on my tongue,
Beautiful Appalachia
has warmed this sweet soul.